River and Terran must survive a remote prisoner island in the magical world of Arbore before facing the ultimate test to save this otherworld.

This is an amazing, hilarious, and exciting book full of adventure and magic. If you like fantasy, you must read it. I know you will love it.

Kilian - Age 11

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The Book

Upon stepping into a dark shed in the middle of the forest, twin brothers River and Terran are transported to a remote prisoner island in the magical world of Arbore – a world crawling with strong magic, hidden snares, and rogue creatures. Using their powers to control the elements of water and earth, the boys must escape the mysterious island inhabitants and discover their way to the mainland. But if they make it off the island, what dangers await on the mainland?

River and Terran face the ultimate test: to save this otherworld – and each other. With the help of the seafarers, elves, warrior princesses, healers, and Magisters they meet along the way, our heroes endure a riveting adventure of harsh wilderness, epic battles, tangled romances, elemental sciences, spiritual encounters and hardcore survival. Like Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of NarniaNew York Times bestselling author Ben G. Greenfield’s World Leapers series is sure to entertain fantasy fans of all ages.

What’s inside


Terran squinted through the torrential downpour. The shed’s open doorway, mere steps away, was little more than a sheet of black velvet, close enough that he might have reached out to touch its inviting softness.

He glanced back. In the shelter of a clump of tamarack trees, his twin brother, River, was still silently weaving his way between the trunks. As was so often the case, Terran envied his brother’s quiet, unwavering grace. With his next clumsy step, the thought was dislodged from Terran’s brain as he stumbled into the dry shelter of the woodshed. The silence was absolute; even the chickadee in the rafters above his head made not a sound.

The peace was shattered by River’s roaring cry.

TODAY WAS SUPPOSED to be much different.

Just three hours earlier, Terran had been sleeping soundlessly, his foot draped over the edge of the mattress. One bright-blue eye was barely open, and his blonde locks were matted to the side of his head, still reeking of chlorine from the previous day’s trip to the swimming pool.

Still half asleep, he watched River balance effortlessly on one leg next to the dim nightstand light. River was pulling on clean white socks.

“Riv…izz…so…earllly…” Terran managed.

River looked up and cocked his head at Terran. He selected the shirt atop his neatly folded pile of clothing and pulled it over his head before responding. “Almost eight, brother. Camp starts at nine. It’s time to get dressed.”

Terran rolled over. The opaque woven curtains were pulled tightly over the bedroom’s one window. For all he knew, it was four in the morning—it sure felt like it. He stretched out a single index finger and tugged a corner of the curtains aside to reveal a sky of ominous gray. Only the smallest slivers of light could break through, bouncing off of the mist just beginning to fall from the overstuffed clouds.

“Either it is the middle of the night and you think you are funny…or the day is a wash,” Terran grumbled and fell back, his thick arm landing heavily across his face.

River, thin and lanky, stood much like a flamingo at the water’s edge, sneaker in hand, and scrunched his brow. “Huh?”

Terran reached up and yanked violently on the curtains with one arm, revealing Mother Nature’s misery.

River stopped what he was doing and melted to the floor under the weight of his disappointment. Camp would be canceled. It was the “rule of rain.” So much for his summer day full of swimming, tennis, and capture the flag. Terran felt River’s frustration so intensely that it was as if the storm had moved indoors.

He watched as River’s expression very slowly transitioned from gloom to inspired excitement. River stood without touching a hand to the floor and swapped his sneakers for hiking boots. He pulled a fleece hoodie over his t-shirt and said in a hushed tone, “Terran, MUSH-rooms, hunting, c’mon!”

Terran sat up and used his bulky fists to simultaneously pull on his head and push on his chin until his neck let out a loud and disturbing crack.

River slipped closer. “Shhh…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Terran said. “We don’t want Mother and Father to…” He didn’t finish the sentence before his brother was slinking out the door. It didn’t matter that River left first. Terran knew the way. “I still don’t know why we need to leave so early. Last I checked, morel mushrooms don’t grow legs and walk away,” he muttered to the empty room. Despite this, he rose from the bed in a determined manner and dressed, setting out to ensure River didn’t get himself in any real trouble as a result of his impulsiveness.




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The Author

Ben G. Greenfield spent most of his childhood years with his nose in a book. President of the chess club, a violinist, and a complete nerd in school, he especially loved reading and writing fantasy fiction.

After graduating, Ben delved into another passion: fitness. He was soon named as America’s top personal trainer and one of the world’s top 100 most influential people in wellness. He founded Ben Greenfield Life and co-founded the health company Kion and also penned the New York Times bestseller Beyond Training.

After years of success in the health and fitness industry, Ben has returned to his love of fiction. The Forest, the first in his new fantasy series, takes its inspiration from Ben’s own twin sons, combined with his deep knowledge of survival, wilderness, adventure, intrigue, health, suspense, and a true hero’s journey.

Ben resides in Spokane, Washington with his wife, Jessa, and twin boys, River and Terran, where he can be found caring for his goats, chickens, and organic vegetable garden, playing the ukulele, and writing his next fantasy tale.

Ben G. Greenfield

River and Terran must survive a remote prisoner island in the magical world of Arbore before facing the ultimate test to save this otherworld.